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Dedicated Louisiana Attorneys Help Architects and Engineers Accused of Malpractice

Shreveport firm offers knowledgeable professional liability defense

Architects and engineers often face malpractice allegations as consequences of client dissatisfaction. At Mayer, Smith & Roberts, L.L.P. in Shreveport, Louisiana, we know that whether or not these claims have merit, they can lead to financial consequences and cause major damage to your reputation. They may even result in the suspension or revocation of your professional license. Since 1929, our firm has been protecting the interests of architects and engineers in our area, and we can do the same for you.

Respected firm handles construction disputes

Like all professionals, engineers and architects have a duty to observe recognized standards of care in their work and can be held liable if their breach of those standards causes property damage, bodily injury or loss of life. Examples are claims of faulty design, improper construction and use of inferior-grade materials. Additionally, Louisiana law permits a contract to mandate a higher duty of care than the ordinary negligence standard. Malpractice can also be based on alleged failure to comply with applicable building codes, inadequate supervision of contractors and incomplete or incorrect reports about the services provided being given to clients. Lawsuits filed by dissatisfied clients can also include claims that there was a breach of contract, such as the construction project not being completed on time or exceeding an agreed-upon cost estimate by a wide margin.

The limitations of lawsuits against building professionals

Louisiana has a five-year peremptive period for suing architects or engineers concerning deficiencies in service, except in cases of fraud. In suits over construction defects, the period runs from the date the property owner takes possession of the improvement. There is also a statute of repose that limits all such suits to within 10 years of completion of work, regardless of when a defect is discovered. However, these periods do not apply to proceedings by the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board or the State Board of Architectural Examiners, which often accompany a malpractice suit and may affect a professional’s licensing and status.

At Mayer, Smith & Roberts, L.L.P., our success in professional liability cases stems from our understanding that factors other than clear-cut evidence of negligence motivate many lawsuits. This helps us devise strategies using such litigation alternatives as mediation and arbitration. But we never shy away from the courtroom when such measures are needed to protect clients’ interests.

Contact a Shreveport architecture and engineering malpractice attorney

Since 1929, Mayer, Smith & Roberts, L.L.P. in Shreveport, Louisiana has defended architects and engineers accused of malpractice. Call us at 318-222-2135 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today.